• Improving FPS for games<br /> and animations
    Improving FPS for games
    and animations
    Cintoo 3D compression technology yields
    high frame rate for huge polygon count
    scenes. Indeed, compressed models are
    streamed to GPU for late stage
    decompression allowing real time
    rendering even for hundreds of millions
    polygon models
  • Real Time Photorealistic<br /> 3D Renderings
    Real Time Photorealistic
    3D Renderings
    Cintoo 3D accelerates the Photorealistic
    3D Renderings thanks to smart control
    of the multi LOD models. Our Multi LOD
    data structure enables fine and accurate
    drawing minimizing the complexity of the
    final rendering.
  • Key feature preservation<br /> for CAD models
    Key feature preservation
    for CAD models
    CAD models can be compressed up to 50
    times while preserving key features.
    Cintoo 3D Multi LOD generator preserves:
    high genus, corners, sharp features...
    avoiding geometrical aliasing
  • Handling Giga polygon<br /> Models
    Handling Giga polygon
    Cintoo 3D technology can handle and
    compress very detailed meshes like giga
    polygons scan-models (courtesy of GOM
    ATOS 3D scan and analysis software).
    These models can be compressed up to 50
    times for good quality, reducing storage
    cost, transfer time,…
  • Streaming GIS Models
    Streaming GIS Models
    Cintoo 3D technology allows to stream
    huge SIG models composed by fine meshes
    and very detailed textures. Both textures
    and meshes are compressed using the
    Cintoo 3D multi LOD coder allowing high
    compression ratios and fast
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