• Microsoft Build 2015
    Microsoft Build 2015
    Cintoo 3D was present at #Build2015
    Thursday 30th, during the second day
    Keynote session. Watch the replay
  • The SmartMesh SDK <br />Release is Here
    The SmartMesh SDK
    Release is Here
    We are pleased to announce the release of
    our brand new SmartMesh product line designed
    to handle huge 3D models. A 30-day trial version
    of SmartMesh SDK is available.

    Download Trial

  • Improving FPS for games<br /> and animations
    Improving FPS for games
    and animations
    Cintoo 3D compression technology yields
    high frame rate for huge polygon count
    scenes. Indeed, compressed models are
    streamed to GPU for late stage
    decompression allowing real time
    rendering even for hundreds of millions
    polygon models
  • Handling Giga polygon<br /> Models
    Handling Giga polygon
    Cintoo 3D technology can handle and
    compress very detailed meshes like giga
    polygons scan-models (courtesy of GOM
    ATOS 3D scan and analysis software).
    These models can be compressed up to 50
    times for good quality, reducing storage
    cost, transfer time,…
  • Streaming GIS Models
    Streaming GIS Models
    Cintoo 3D technology allows to stream
    huge SIG models composed by fine meshes
    and very detailed textures. Both textures
    and meshes are compressed using the
    Cintoo 3D multi LOD coder allowing high
    compression ratios and fast
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Sophia Antipolis, France - January 27th, 2015 – Cintoo 3D, an ambitious and innovative 3D software developer, today announced the release of their brand new…
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According to Robert Kross, senior vice-president Design, Lifecycle and Simulation, at Autodesk, “the 3D data are in…
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cintoo 3d
Created in July 2013, Cintoo 3D, a CNRS and University of Nice spin-off, innovates and develops technological solutions to help 3D software companies to improve…
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